Tarot Transmission/5.8G/48CH/Adjustable Power/1600mW VTX TL300N6

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Product Description:
       Tarot's newly upgraded 48-channel, 1600mW 5.8G audio and video transmission system, with four-position power adjustment for use, has an ultra-miniature form factor and ultra-light weight, and adopts the 6061T6 aluminum alloy casing for heat dissipation, which is especially suitable for multi-axis drones and traversing aircraft FPV long-distance use.

Product Features:
1.48 channels output, can be easily switched by button, compatible with conventional frequency;
2. Provide 1 channel video signal, 1 channel audio signal input;
3. Provide a 5V/0.5A power output for conventional camera power supply (please confirm the relevant equipment voltage and current in order to avoid burning);
4. Compared with the previous generation of 600mW image transmission equipment to increase the transmit power and self-adjustment, significantly increase the transmission distance, more suitable for long-distance image transmission;
5.6061T6 aluminum alloy shell heat dissipation, more stable performance.

Product Parameters:
/VTX(Air unit):
Input voltage: 7-36V DC (2-6S)
Output Voltage: Including one way 5V/0.5A
Weight: 5.1g (without metal case and antenna), 14.3g (with case, without antenna)
Dimensions (LWH): 41mm*25*mm*8.5mm
Video Format: PAL/NTSC
Number of channels: 48 channels / 37 channels (U.S. region)
Channel Selection: Band/Frequency Adjustment Button: Long press for 3 seconds to switch the band, short press to switch the frequency point
Transmit Frequency: 48CH/37CH(US), see Frequency Table for details
Transmit power: 32dBm±1dBm (1600mW) 
Power Adjustment: Power Adjustment Button, Short Press to Switch
Power number: four levels, 25mW/400mW/800mW/1600mW
Antenna Interface: MMCX
Modulation type: FM

1. Please install the antenna before turning on the power to avoid equipment failure;
2. Select the appropriate operating frequency, and set the VTX and VRX to the same frequency (see Frequency Table).
3. Transmitter power is large, do not touch the shell with your hands to avoid scalding (shell hot is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured that the use).
4. Remove the shell for installation due to the need to reduce the weight, you can also use the product normally, but the transmitter power will be slightly reduced due to the temperature of the transmitter;
5. Input voltage is 7-36V (2-6S), please do not use beyond the voltage range;
6. Output voltage current is 5V/0.5A, please note whether the camera is within the voltage current range, if the product current is greater than the limit of 0.5A, please do not use the voltage output of this product, otherwise it may lead to damage to the transmitter power supply module;
7. 5V and 5V-OUT are output terminals, please do not connect to the power input or battery, otherwise it will cause damage.

Product Specifications:
5.8G 1.6mW Transmission VTX ×1
SH1.0-6P ×1
MMCX 5.8G Antenna/60mm ×1
MMCX Elbow to SMA/70mm ×1

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