tarot Dual voltage monitoring OSD system ZYX14

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■ Automatically detect the current video system

■ Working voltage 1s-4s

■ Red indicator light indicates current working status

■ Optional work timing function

■ Can cascade video signals

■ Superimposed display data with a light black background

■ Power-down memory function

■ Dozens of position patterns

Application range

■ Any device that detects two voltages and requires video overlay to display real-time data

■ FPV, monitoring areas, etc.


After connecting the MINI OSD, select the appropriate position by setting the button. There are 40 positions to choose from.

It is exchanged every 40 times of T ON and T OFF modes.

The working time since power-on is displayed in the T ON mode, and the time display is turned off in the T OFF mode.

■ Indicator status description:

(1) Red LED is off: no power is connected

(2) Red LED is always on: normal operation

(3) Red LED flashes: no video signal

product manual:
1. It can accurately detect two voltages and superimpose them on the video signal. The factory is calibrated and the accuracy can reach + - 0. 1V.
2. Superimposed display data with a light black background to ensure that customers can see real-time data accurately in a strong light environment or a light background.
3, there are 40 kinds of display data location mode for customers to choose. (The number and location of the model can be modified later)
4. Automatically record the location that the customer last selected to display, and the power is not lost.
5. When there is no video signal, the red LED flashes to remind you.
6. It can be cascaded and superimposed with multiple OSD modules to monitor multiple sets of voltages.
7, automatically detect the current video system, support NTSC and PAL system.
8. Automatically display the working time since power-on. In the T OFF mode, the display can be turned off.

Product specifications:
JST plug wire *2
OSD system*1




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