Tarot multi rotor UAV/four axis/lateral folding TL4Q770

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Product description:

The new folding four axle model produced by Tarot has a new horizontal folding self-locking design instead of the usual umbrella folding structure, which greatly improves the convenience of installation and transportation. The oversized shelf design is used to facilitate the installation of various electronic equipment; Quick horizontal folding arm, easy to carry; Pull type battery compartment design, fast battery installation; The shock absorber motor base can reduce the influence of motor vibration on center flight control; The split metal three-way electric tripod firmly bears the stability of the frame on the ground; With optimized configuration, the hover time can reach 50 minutes.

Recommended configuration:

Motor: 6S 4114 320KV

Electric adjustment: 40A/Tarot Haoying customized version/XRotor-Pro-40A TL2930

Blade: Martin 17 inch 1755/Tarot TL2948

Battery: 22.2V 15000mAh

Takeoff weight: 3.4KG

Hover time: 40Min

Product parameters:

Net weight: 1.70KG

Symmetrical motor wheelbase: 770mm

Center plate diameter: 190mm

Landing gear clearance: 256mm

Distance between motor mounting holes: 16mm diagonally; 19 m diagonally; Symmetrical quadrilateral Φ 25; equilateral triangle Φ 32

Product specification:

TL4Q770 boxed machine ×1

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